A fantastic opportunity for your students to experience what they have learnt first hand and help raise aspirations for being fit for the future!


International Camps/Sister School Visit

GYAP Schools are able to take full advantage of taking students abroad to one of or international camps or visit one of their sister schools. This is a fantastic opportunity for your students to experience what they have learnt first hand and help raise aspirations and prepare your students for being fit for the future.
The cost of these trips can be used from credits you have earned through hosting students from your sister schools, allowing students and teachers to travel for FREE!


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“Bishop Aldhelm’s sees global learning as an important part of any schools approach to inspire, motivate and educate children. This includes developing the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils, but also includes supporting improved teaching, pupil behaviour, school leadership and pupil achievement.

Venturing half way across the world seems a daunting prospect – especially when the children are only 9 and 10 years of age. But with the world becoming an ever increasingly smaller place and children needing experiences that will open their eyes to opportunities beyond the UK and Europe it also seemed inevitable that a Primary school would one day take that leap.
Fundamental to the trip was an understanding that global learning is an education that puts learning in a global context, fostering:

• Critical and creative thinking;
• Self-awareness and open-mindedness towards difference;
• Understanding of global issues and power relationships;
• Optimism and action for a better world.

Working with One World Education, Bishop Aldhelm’s has become a Global Youth Ambassador Partnership (GYAP) School and have taken full advantage of taking pupils abroad to Chengdu and Chongqing in China. Bishop Aldhelm’s is now teaching Mandarin to some of its pupils and has a number of young interpreters deployed to support learning across the school.

As a result of the trip, the children from Bishop Aldhelm’s, are now better placed to understand what it means to be a Global Citizen and draw on the benefits of breaking down cultural barriers and sharing experiences with other children from across the globe.”

Scott Tait – Headmaster, Bishop Aldhelms’s Primary School