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Being a host family is rewarding, fun and educational experience for the whole family with an opportunity to create long-lasting relationships. Hosting is a great way of sharing and learning differences in languages and cultures.

Your family is one of the most memorable experiences for our students, becoming the students’ home away from home. Many of our students are still in touch with their English “Mum, Dad, brothers or sisters”.

You’ll provide a safe and comfortable environment for our students whilst in the UK, giving a first hand insight into British culture and enabling them to improve their English.
We are always looking to grow our host family network. Please see below for more information or please email us at and we will be happy to call you or arrange a home visit.


All host families are compensated for their time, and are typically paid between £20 – £25 per student, per night.
If hosting during one of our summer camps, we offer 2 FREE places for your children or child and a friend. (subject to availability).

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. As well as safeguarding your family and home. Any applicant wishing to be considered must demonstrate they are able to share this commitment.

Host Roles and Responsibilities

Host families must host a minimum of 2 students at one time. Students may share the same room.
We ask that families can provide each student with:

• A warm and friendly welcome
• A clean, comfortable bed, well-lit room, and heating
• Bed linen and towels, washed on a weekly basis
• Regular access to the bathroom
• Breakfast and an evening meal every day (possible pack lunch where needed)
• A lift in to school. Families who cannot provide this will be considered depending on local transport or where a OneWorld bus is provided.

Both hosts and students are given guidelines explaining what is expected of each of them.

Becoming a Host Family

All host families will be visited by a member of OneWorld Education UK staff, to answer any of your questions and undertake a home inspection.
To meet with our requirements we undertake:

• Enhanced DBS check of over 18’s
• Smoke/fire detectors check
• Clean and suitable house and bedroom(s)

Families must provide a safe, stable, friendly environment with a bed, breakfast, an evening meal (packed lunch where needed), drive students to school.
On some occasions, students may be with you over a weekend. If they are not on one of our organised tours then this is a great opportunity to show your guests any local attractions.
Students bring their own spending money for souvenirs and entertainment.

Students are usually between the ages of 12 and 16, although can be as young as 10 and as old as 18.

Host families are paid £20-25 per student per night. This is meant to support your family in the weekly costs of hosting your guests.
Students bring their own spending money for souvenirs and entertainment.

There should be no need to alter your daily routine too much. Students are here to experience a full English experience and our Chinese students are normally good at eating a host of different foods – if hosting 2 students – cook what you would normally cook plus 2. We do however ask that you have a quick nutritious back up meal, just incase.
Breakfast – a simple meal of cereals, eggs, bread and fruit. Some host families will provide a cooked breakfast.
Dinner – meat, vegetables, rice, curry, chips and all children enjoy pizza or noodles!

We are always on hand to deal with any questions or emergencies you have. A member of staff is on hand 24/7 whilst you are hosting. Each family is given details about each student and what to do incase of an emergency.
Our students comply with all our programme rules and our staff will ensure they follow these while with your family.